"Kiss Me" is the 1st track from the Kiss Me/Hold Me Now single performed by Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann. It was released on May 29, 2019.


TitleKiss Me
Performed byNai Br.XX, Celeina Ann
Composed byNulbarich
Arranged byNulbarich
Lyrics byNulbarich


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AddedApril 11, 2019
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Kiss Me Lyrics

it’s hard to be a normal person
that’s just not me
I’m writing a journal
to keep my feelings hiding
across the bridge what will I see
I wanna see it
dreaming my dreams
miracles, beautiful
here we go all the way

running from my life ends now
use to keep holding back my thoughts
would be wrong if you’re gone
found my way through the stars
if I could reach to your heart
money still can’t buy me love
but there’s still life when there’s
hope around
like a rainbow in the clouds
a gift from above

kiss me before sunrise
or I’m leaving you tonight
my love found a place
to stay and rest like bed
always and forever
meant to be together
if we could change this world today with you

if I was born to make you happy
I’ll be ready
no matter how you feel
I’ll always be your buddy

I found your way, a light was shining
angel smiling
dreaming your dreams
miracles, beautiful
here we go all the way

yes this is where I belong
fixing everything that is wrong
no looking back and stay strong
climbing up that big wall
don’t be afraid you won’t fall
here’s a friend you’re not alone
let’s make a wish and pass it around
like the sun in the sky
a kind of love

a humming melody
woke up the soul in me
I didn’t wanna stay in this world
no not anymore
don’t make me say that I don’t love you
now I know the reason I’m here
Celeina Ann

Celeina Ann (セレイナ・アン) is a Japanese pop-R&B singer-songwriter under EMI Music Japan. She attracted the attention from the younger generation, and garnered an audience of more than 10,000 people in TwitCasting. Before her official debut, the cover of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" in collaboration with Yamashita Ayumu recorded more than a m...

Nai Br.XX

Nai Br.XX is a pivotal figure in the future sound of the music industry; a transcending force, known for her raw performances inspired by legends like Tina Turner and whimsical vocals inspired by Mariah Carey, Nai Br.XX is easily music's next big thing. Nai's musical journey began when she was a small child....

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