Tsunomaki Watame – Ode to an Eternal Future Lyrics + English Translation

“Everlasting Soul” is the 8th track from the “WATAME NO UTA vol.2” album released by Tsunomaki Watame. It was released on December 30, 2021.



toaru sekai no otogi no uta kikasemashou
dokoka ni aru to iu "mirai" no ohanashi

-sou, sore wa wasureteita yume ya risou no hate-

kono ookina sekai de chippoke na "boku" wa
yamanai ame wa nai to shinji kirenakute...
nobasu te no mukou gawa mieta mono wa
zutto mabushi sugite me wo sorashiteita

kizukanai mama de

"mirai" tte mono wa mabayui hodo kagayaita to iu
dare ni demo te ni dekiru suteki na otakara

-aa, dakedo nazeka "boku" no te wa mada kara no mama-

kono ookina sekai de karappo na "boku" wa
ikiba wo miushinatte maigo no mama de
kurayami no mukou gawa mitsuketa no wa
kitto motometeita ano tsuyoi hikari

tsukami ni yukou

zutto zutto zutto yowakute
okubyou datta "boku" wa
yatto yatto yatto kizuita
ippo fumidasou ima

kono ookina sekai de agaiteita "boku" wa
sore demo mae wo muite aruitekun da
nobasu te no naka ni wa nozonda "mirai"
yatto todoitan da

bokura no mirai wa koko kara hajimaru

English Translation

Let me sing you an ode from a faraway land
The tale of a future that is out there to be found

At the finish line where the forgotten dreams and ideals come to completion

In this vast universe, "I" felt so insignificant
My spirit so puny that I couldn’t believe that the clouds always clear
Because what I saw as I reached up to the skies
Was so bright that I had to look away

-And I never even realized-

Tomorrow shines bright with possibilities
Within reach of anybody, a treasure box waiting to be opened

-And yet, and yet "my" hands remain empty-

In this vast universe, "I" felt so empty inside
Lost and astray, with nothing to show me the way
But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
The light I have been searching for all this while

And it beckons me to go to it

Always, forever, and ever so weak
"I" have been a coward in hiding
But I have finally found the answer
That helps take a big leap once again

In this vast universe, every day is a struggle for "I"
But now is the time to keep forging ahead
Because my outstretched hand finally reached
The future it has always wanted to grasp

Our story will begin anew

(from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndNWnIAdhZo)

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