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BAND-MAID (バンドメイド) is a Japanese rock band consisting of Saiki Atsumi (lead vocals), Miku Kobato (rhythm guitar, vocals), Kanami Tōno (lead guitar), Akane Hirose (drums, percussion) and Misa (bass guitar). The band combines a rock sound with a maid image modeled on Japanese maid cafés. Originally signed to Gump Records, an imprint of the Platinum Passport artist management and talent agency, itself a division of Avex Group, they switched to major label Crown Stones in 2016.


[2016.05.18] Brand New MAID
[2017.01.11] Just Bring It
[2019.12.11] CONQUEROR

Mini Albums

[2014.01.08] MAID IN JAPAN
[2015.11.18] New Beginning
[2019.04.03] BAND-MAIKO


[2014.08.13] Ai to Jonetsu no Matador
[2016.11.16] YOLO
[2017.07.19] Daydreaming/Choose me
[2018.07.25] start over
[2019.01.16] Bubble
[2019.01.16] glory

Digital Singles

[2019.10.03] endless Story

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