millennium parade – 2992 Lyrics

“2992” is the 9th track from the “THE MILLENNIUM PARADE” album released by millennium parade. It was released on February 10, 2021.



You won't believe what I saw
There are no words to make you believe me
I saw the stars were broken into pieces
And we lost our way

In this life we live
everyone is
made to feel confused
I just wanna break free and see
Like we all used to do in the old days

There is something wrong with
the way they talk, it's like they don't know love
I guess they're into something else that I don't understand
space is now a lonely place

In a vision, I saw
We were numbers
floating in time and space
I wanna run away from this manipulation
While I can still think for myself

I heard that boy went up to the sky to send signs
and lead us through the darkness when our time finally comes
Now, space left him on his own, and all we used to know
then meaning gave up on gravity and scattered everywhere

All the people with children's minds
they were closer to the world up above in the sky
I still remember those feelings in my mind
holding the precious things that we will never see again

All the grownups were fighting over land
but soon they'll fight over stars
I'd rather come up with a way to connect the stars
and see the space filled with wisdom

In the vision, I saw
We were numbers
floating in time and space
Can I run away from the manipulation
While I still have a plan in my mind

I read all the cues hidden in time and space
since meaning scattered from us
I'll go ahead and start this run into space
While I still have the plan in my mind

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