Lyrics for TYO by CIRRRCLE

Love for my city that's real Love for the city that still don't steal Love for the place that made me Love for the city that raised me Whole lotta love here lately Whole lotta crazy Whole lotta safety Whole lotta Bape see I don't see no one lazy That's around the clock You don't wanna pay these late fees Better stay on top Cuz we drink in the streets Stay up all night No tip when I eat Welcome to my life Yo my city don't sleep It's all the time Got so many lights Better close ya eyes TYO That's my city OK OK OK desu Yeah that's my city Ain't it pretty Kinda crazy Hella crowded Lots of sushi Oh thats boujee Shop at MUJI Smile for Fuji Get chuhi at conbini Family mart or maybe Lawsons Either one cuz you got options Kochira no reji dozo If you could swap lives You wanna come by The night is still young I let you take flight Land in narita I cannot reach ya But I'll find a way to get ya See you soon my senorita TYO That's my city OK OK OK desu
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  • Title: TYO
  • Language: English
  • Country: Japan


  • Performer: CIRRRCLE
  • Composer: A.G.O, Amiide, Jordan Kelker
  • Lyricist: Amiide, Jordan Kelker


"TYO" is the 4th track from the "Besty" ep released by CIRRRCLE. It was released on April 22, 2020.