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sustain++; / Mili

sustain++; / Mili Album Cover
  • Title: sustain++;
  • Performer: Mili
  • Composer: Cassie Wei, Yamato Kasai
  • Arranger: Shoto Yoshida, Yamato Kasai, Yukihito Mitomo
  • Lyricist: Cassie Wei

sustain++; is the 1st track from the Intrauterine Education single released by Mili. It will be released on June 10, 2020.

"sustain++;" Lyrics

If abstraction is the definition of beauty Are those of us chasing after clarity A representation of ugly? CALL ME MOMMY JUST LIKE YOUR FANTASY There is no crime in ideality MUX>>>DEMUX Can’t you understand me? I’m not mine NAND I’m not yours Ah This could end right here if you don’t let it out Let it out Give up or give me your all Tell me now Tell me now
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