Mili - Sideshow Duckling Lyrics

"Sideshow Duckling" is the 1st track from the "Sideshow Duckling" digital single released by Mili. It was released on February 5, 2022.


Lyrics for Sideshow Duckling by Mili.

Powdery pink satin ballet flats
Waterproof purple mascara
With matte cherry blush

Spinning around and around
Twirling skirt
The duckling ceased her smile and thought
Not enough
Not enough
Not enough to be awarded love
Ladies and gentlemen
Here comes your fakest swan

On my shoulder stood your heavy dream
I took a leap
Their laughters came in place of my tears, of my broken hearts
I hate how everytime I look to you
And feel relief from your applaud

(Lalalilula lalalilula lalalilula lululila)

Step on their tongues
High heels, red soles
Little black dress
Badder than the devil
In my wardrobe
A curated collection of aesthetically pleasing dolls

Spinning around and around
Golden rouge
The duckling rubbed it off and thought
I’m enough
I’m enough
I’m enough to win my own approval
Ladies and gentlemen, goodbye
Goodnight, I hope your dreams are sweeter than mine
No matter how many pieces I lost and found
Some parts are always the same
Always the same

Spinning around and around
Scissors in hand
I killed the dawn you long desired
That’s enough
That’s enough
That’s enough to make me feel much better
Ladies and gentlemen
Here comes your favourite swan

For all it matters
I jumped through your hoops
Burn me with your fire
I understand, I already know
You hate yourself more than you have ever hated me
Look here, my dear
Face the ghost that you were
The lost one you are
The lover you were meant to be

For you
I’d scatter every bit of your heart, every bit of my heart
Together we can search for them once more
When our journey ends, we’ll do it all again
Until your sun goes up

(Lalalilula lalalilula lalalilula lululila)

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