Youtube: Quiet Night / OOHYO

Quiet Night / OOHYO

  • Title: Quiet Night
  • Composer: Cozy, 우효(Oohyo)
  • Arranger: 우효(Oohyo)
  • Lyricist: 우효(Oohyo)

"Quiet Night" is the 1st track from the "silence" extended play released by OOHYO. It was released on October 08, 2020.

"Quiet Night" Lyrics

I see your grace in every face Words can’t explain the sound you make It comes through my heart, spreads the seas apart Every knee will drop to the ground in awe of you Lord here I am Take me away Carry me away I’m here to stay They reason with your love Your love your love Your love But there is no reason in your love

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