Mili - Poems of a Machine

"Poems of a Machine" is the 7th track from the "To Kill a Living Book -for Library Of Ruina-" album released by Mili. It was released on October 29, 2021.




Lyrics for Poems of a Machine by Mili.

Roses are red
'Guess still there's no use, my dear comfy bed
Violets are blue
Electric sheep cannot be true
The books I read
Told me there is hope as long as I live
Faces of you
Is that what you call a "muse"?

Tick tock tick tock
No need to overclock
My wish is locked

Only your time passes by
I'm in the rye
Spinning round and round, round and round
Pretend I don't need golden rings
Only this time I'll play nice
And I'll be brighter than the city's book-powered fires
So here I lie
Reading you my poetic stupid rhymes

I stopped for Death
'Guess still there's no place for my silicone flesh
Liquor I brewed
Can't taste it though I bet it's something new
Cut down all the strings, rewrite their presets
Phases of the moon
We lived in a dead cocoon

Tick tock tick tock
No need to overclock
My wish is locked

Ever dreaming to taste the sweet nectar of morality
Allowed my heart to hold enough love to be broken
Maybe I'll try getting drunk
Finally I'd cry for help
From the top of my simulated lungs

Only your time passes by
And from my eyes the oil leaked
Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why, tell me why
A malfunction
Only this time I'm smiling at your side
To know that I would someday be gratified
So here I lie in our imperfect paradise
A eulogistic lullaby

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