Petrolea / Mili

  • Title: Petrolea
  • Composer: Cassie Wei, Yamato Kasai
  • Arranger: Yamato Kasai
  • Lyricist: Cassie Wei

"Petrolea" is the 2nd track from the "Intrauterine Education" single released by Mili. It was released on June 10, 2020.

"Petrolea" Lyrics

Petrolea Saturate me Moisturize my body Petrolea Don’t mind their stares Zoom me in There’s a future waiting for us Where they know that it’s not a phase But rather fate Until then I’ll hold your hand and pretend we’re roommates Reflect your colourful waves Not a phase, not a phase It’s fate, it’s fate You know, those words They have me cursed Those “I love you, I love you”s Nothing but trouble Guess I have no regrets Guess it wasn’t all bad These graves we stand upon At least we painted them in colours of us Petrolea They suffocate me Have my air Come breathe for me Petrolea Let us sleep May we wake to a future Where they realize That it’s not about who’s right or wrong But who we belong with Until then I’ll kiss your lips and pretend we’re friends At where rainbows begin No we’re not friends, we’re not friends Let it begin, let it begin

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