BAEKCHAN - outtried

Lyrics for outtried by BAEKCHAN

you give me something why not release ya cuz I do love it something alarms with and I try I'll try I tried out tried I don't mean to hurt you (I'm fine) you should know my purpose (lo-fi) it will take me somedays to love you couple drinks would sum up my rainy days give a try that night so right ahaha I don't fear loving ahaha but you make me feel so right ahaha our night is burning, burning, burning you want my something like I'm the one to why do you love me my destinations and you will try you tried you try out tried you want me out of silent but I can't get you out my sight but I you got me out of trying but I want this all night all night ahaha I don't' deserve this ahaha you make me feel so right ahaha you got that something something something
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  • Title: outtried
  • Language: English
  • Country: Korea


  • Performer: BAEKCHAN
  • Composer: BAEKCHAN, DJ Kayvon
  • Lyricist: Wooks


"outtried" is the 8th track from the "BAEKCHAN 01" album released by BAEKCHAN. It was released on April 12, 2020.