Mili - My Creator Lyrics

"My Creator" is the 1st track from the "My Creator" digital single released by Mili. It was released on February 26, 2022.


Lyrics for My Creator by Mili.

Needles and string
Piece together our skins
A stitch over here and a stitch over there
Wrapped up our rotten flesh

Then I felt the breeze brushing behind my neck
I felt the weather
And I felt on my shoulder
The tiny drops of rain

By the time I reached for your hand, you were already gone

I let out a strange sound
Weay waaouh ah waaouh
When it dawned on me that I’ll never be unalone again

Looking for meaning in this series of fruitless events
So why am I here?
Oh why am I here?
Hey why am I here?
Just silence
I wish you were here, I wish you were here
You would have been so proud of my achievements

Letters and words
Paragraphs of inner worlds
A line over here and a line over there
Crossed out the past, memories in black

Then I felt your shame cutting into my chest
I felt your perversity, felt your barbarity
Felt the same demons in me

Time and time again I thought
If you never commented on how my body was so wrong
I would have loved it all along

My monstrosities are part of your natural science

If there’s no meaning in these extraordinary events
Then why am I here?
Oh why am I here?
Hey why am I here?
I’m content
So thank you for all the heartaches I experienced

I’m here to accept, I’m here to accept
I’m here to accept our judgements
Our human faults, our human thoughts
Our human flaws
Because you were never my god

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