Lim Kim

Minjogyo (EXIT) / Lim Kim

  • Title: 민족요 (EXIT)
  • Also Known As: Minjogyo (EXIT)
  • Composer: Lim Kim, No Identity
  • Arranger: No Identity
  • Lyricist: Lim Kim

"Minjogyo (EXIT)" Lyrics

Did we die? Face the truth, we self denyin’ Have we lost our own rhythm? No, we still call out names, and sing like whom? I see the world of new. Now it's on the alarm Life's not all we've seen by (i'll never get in control) Sing out divine melody. From core of deep, heal like psychic remedy Bring out your hidden energy (link up) we creating new synergy Face your heart and catch a feel you can see it through (see it through) I'm on my new eye leaping k bound you can't fuck up with my shit. It's out of earth bound. Calling me now Bring on I'm gonna mix and play up! * 4 LA LI LI LA LA sping the universe LA LI LI LA LA Aye

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