Youtube: M.D.O. / LOVEBITES


  • Title: M.D.O.
  • Performer: LOVEBITES
  • Composer: Mao, miho
  • Arranger: N/A
  • Lyricist: miho

"M.D.O." is the 6th track from the "CLOCKWORK IMMORTALITY" album released by LOVEBITES. It was released on December 05, 2018.

"M.D.O." Lyrics

After came the permanent disaster
A tragic neurological disorder
Turning me into a crazy monster
Inverting what I see to be imposters
“Never have I seen this” said the doctor
Observing my condition and I wonder
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder
But maybe it's because of my disorder

Burning me to sin
Is this salvation?

Deceive those who are seeking truth
Believe only the justice in you
Naive thinking will lead to doom
Betrayals don't ever come from your enemies


Turning me to rust
Is this damnation?

So free, blinded by ugly truth
Agree only to your point of view
Defeat bigotry and its rules
Don't trust what you see,
but believe your enemies


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