Stray Kids - Levanter (English Ver.)

"Levanter (English Ver.)" is the 2nd track from the "Step Out of Clé" single released by Stray Kids. It was released on January 24, 2020.


  • Title: Levanter (English Ver.)
  • Language: English
  • Country: Korea


Lyrics for Levanter (English Ver.) by Stray Kids.

Never wanted anything as much as you
Never crossed my mind that I could ever lose
I had this picture in my head
Of all the promises you made

But you turned ′em into dust
Empty handed now I′m lost
I know I gotta let go
With no regrets you′re already gone

(Oh) I let my dreams tie me down
(Oh) Is it too late can I break out?
(Oh) They say it′s darkest of all before the dawn

I wanna be myself (I don′t care)
Yeah I gotta be myself (Just don′t care)
And now that your weight′s come off my shoulders
I realize that I can fly
I needed to find me (Now I know)
The key was inside of me all along
I′m listening to my heart, let it guide me
I feel the light, I feel the light

I never stopped
To find my way
I always thought it was a race
To win it all and that you were the prize

The closer I got the more I lost
My soul, it was slowly fading
I′m like the autumn leaves, don′t know which way I′m blowing
But it don′t matter if it′s raining or it′s snowing
All of my problems growing smaller when I′m way up here
Any illusions I had left about you disappeared

(Oh) This is the end of the road
(Oh) I′m holding out for a new hope
(Oh) ′Cause it′s the darkest of all before the dawn

Afraid to let you go, but in my heart I know
Got to move on
I think it′s time
It′s all good now

I wanna be myself (I don′t care)
Yeah I gotta be myself (just don′t care)
And now that I left it all behind me
I′m flying high, I′m flying high

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