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Mafumafu feat. nqrse - GHOST Lyrics



An anecdote some of you might heard of is intruding into my subconsciousness…
In your fruity yet deceptive eyes, we missed the juicy core of your lie
So let me sharpen all of your eyes
Put an end to this to save another life

(No one escapes.) From the shiny names
(No one escapes.) And the reverse of fame
(No one escapes.) Next to you
(No one escapes.) He exists

I was the one who was taken in by your words
You were the one who slaughtered the mockingbird
Spit it out! Spit it out! Spit it out!
And now, break in to break out!

They say that house is haunted
We all know your head is WANTED
I don’t care if you’re guilty
Spill your guts in front of me

Same is lame
Are you telling me that repetition is all you can aim?
Quit playing dirty little tricks in the dark, let me punch you up in your face (P! K!)
Don’t hate me man, hate the fuckin game, homie, ’cause you never put a name!
Our good old memories?!
I don’t need a single bit

Soon they will all explode

I’m coming so leave your door open now
Nobody’s ever gonna dig you out
Fake ass! Not a word given so far
Way too funny talking about moral with you
All these people, so forgetful, right under your mind-control (Hell no!)
You write like you act, end in a garbage bag
Don’t you smudge the name of the “lyricist”! (WHAT!)

What the hell makes you think that you can turn lies into gold?
Your satellite virus
Soon they will all explode

Keep it real
The face right under your mask
The fading trace of your past
Counting down with an righteous hourglass
When you’re gone, I’ll be raising my glass
Now it’s too late to regret
Down on your knees to confess
Just another rope unless
You put it around your neck

When get caught, I don’t think you’ll admit
Just come up with some stupid dumb shit
Taboo makes everthing taste juicy?
HA?! Just do it (do it)
What a shallow ghost
Wearing the stigma like a medal
Your rusted stone
How your story moans
Nothing close to my love and hate spinoff

Stand up! Always ready to go
Try to switch the mode to compose on your own?
Counterfeit numbers to get you in the zone
My counterstrike’s gonna break your bone
I don’t give a damn about it
Little by little, hard work’s what got me here
EI YO! Producing music’s my daily routine
This bomb’s THE brand new shit!

Hey boy, look where you at
Now you are nothing but a marionette
In this game, I am the Mario off we go
Justice is defined by paper and pen you know
Ghost, the lying bitch and Thunderbolt…
Full of fucking BULLSHIT!
Time for bloody legit demonstrations
Bow to this! (Hell yeah)
“Art’s an explosion”!

I am the GHOST! GHOST! You drained my soul!
I will break the curse and never go back into your bowl
GHOST! GHOST! Out of control!
The message you wrote
Just another joke

What the hell makes you think that you can turn lies into gold?
Your satellite virus
Soon they will all explode

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