Mili - From a Place of Love

"From a Place of Love" is the 1st track from the "From a Place of Love" digital single released by Mili. It was released on July 25, 2020.






Lyrics for From a Place of Love by Mili.

Yes I have been so afraid
Yes I have been so distant
Consistently indifferent
It's hard to put that in an amicable sentence
I'm sorry
Actually, not really

There's just so much work
Too much work to be done
Committing to commitments
Hiding my indulgence
The freedom we sacrifice for love


You also made me unafraid
(yes im da brave boi)
You gave me light (filament)
You're patient (physician)
Persistently listen (gentleman)
It's hard to describe what I'm feeling at the moment
Are you (uh huh?) Uhm (yes?)
I mean (you're) in love with me?
It's just so much fun Too much fun
Oh come on How could you say no?
To the fast and furious swan boat (flamingo)
The excitement we mistake for love


Still I have my doubts
You're a nice girl
I'm just not ready now
But then mommy said
It ain't family biz
Get over it

Toughen up
Just like the man we expected
So when are you gonna take the chance?
Let us be one
We are one
All for one
One for everyone
We stick together

Family is forever
Inside the train we walked down the aisle
Our love opened the door
To a vehicle I'd rather not enter

Seconds later, a new future
I know that I agreed to this myself
I wish it was their fault
Now I regret
Wish we were dead
Before we started feeding on each other
Blood is thicker
But the drink I prefer is water

Now that it's over (wish we never)
Listened to them (forged up our hearts)
Mixed up our souls (let's pretend)
That it didn't happen


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