Mili - Fossil

"Fossil" is the 15th track from the "Millennium Mother" album released by Mili. It was released on April 25, 2018.




Lyrics for Fossil by Mili.

Suck on the earth's breasts, like a child

You quiver and you shudder
Wiping your tears onto my skin

You pushed down my wings
And cut it deep
Digged out my flesh
Swallowed all it up in whole

You took me to heaven
Dropped me down again
Crunched me up into a doughnut
Swallowed it up in whole

I thought I would never forgive you
For all the things you have done
Look at me now
I don't feel a thing
Don't feel a thing but sympathy

So why don't you come and bury me?
And then just maybe
Time will turn me into a fossil

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