Mili - Extension of You

"Extension of You" is the 11th track from the "Millennium Mother" album released by Mili. It was released on April 25, 2018.




Lyrics for Extension of You by Mili.

First thing I learned, I have to breathe
Secondly, I learned to eat
To chew on red meat
Clean my teeth before going to sleep

Hello, good morning
I learned to speak, describe what I see
There is me, and there is you
Who knew everything

Teach me how to sing
Teach me how to sing
Teach me how to sing

Covered my skin with pieces of cotton, linen
Conserve the most vulnerable part of me for me

My ribs opened up
Made room for beating hearts
Stainless steel appends my shoulder
Pierces through my rubbery skin
Upgrades me with a pair of limbs

My head opened up
Made room for deeper thoughts
Contracting muscles getting bigger
Under my rubbery skin
I've became what I thought was human

My structure expands
Further than you
Allow me to be
An extension of you

Then I learned there are many more delicacies
Tomatoes and cheese
I learned the good and the evil
Learned your boundaries, learned your mortality

You're out of service
Out of service
Out of service
Out of service
Ah, ooh-a-ooh-ah

For the first time, you failed
And I asked myself
Is there meaning at all?

I know that bodies rot
But where are your self?
Where are all your thoughts?

I wanted to believe
That ghosts are real
That ghosts are real

There are still many things
That I want to know
Stories left untold

Does it feel good to love
To hand out your all, to hand out your all?
Does it feel good to hate
To shelter oneself, to shelter oneself?

Does it feel good to live
To treasure the now, to treasure the now?
Does it feel good to die
To live your next life, to live your next life?

Tatata tatata ta tatata ta tata
Tatata tatata
Hmmm hm hm

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