Youtube: E.T’s letter (empty ver.) / Heize

E.T’s letter (empty ver.) / Heize

  • Title: E.T's letter (empty ver.)
  • Also Known As: 숨겨둔 편지 (empty ver.) , Sumgyeodun Pyeonji (empty ver.)
  • Composer: 다비(DAVII)
  • Arranger: N/A
  • Lyricist: N/A

"E.T's letter (empty ver.)" is the 11th track from the "She's Fine" album released by Heize. It was released on March 19, 2019.

"E.T's letter (empty ver.)" Lyrics

숨겨둔 편지를 찾았길 바라요.
sumgyeodun pyeonjireul chajassgil barayo.
sumgyeodun pyeonjireul chajassgil barayo.
숨겨둔 편지를 찾았길 바라요.

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