Mili - Dandelions & Bento Boxes

"Dandelions & Bento Boxes" is the 1st track from the "Dandelions & Bento Boxes" digital single released by Mili. It was released on January 14, 2022, 2021.


  • Title: Dandelions & Bento Boxes
  • Also Known As: ダンデライオンガールズダンデライオンボーイズ
  • Tie-in: DEEMO
  • Genre: Rock
  • Language: English
  • Country: Japan



Lyrics for Dandelions & Bento Boxes by Mili.

Happy early birthdays
We blew out the candles, grassland cakes
Our wishes held on parachutes
Gliding through the wind, our youth
Congratulations, you’ve been chosen
Here’s a pistol matching your mittens
I thought to myself “it doesn’t suit you at all”

I shall carry on all this weight
Leading me through the way, was your cherry blushing face
If it meant that you could live your life again
I’ll gladly give mine in

Carrying hope, you sailed away

Whose tears salted the waters, keeping you up afloat from the ocean bed?
Secretly, secretly, I prayed for a storm to set you back
Whose fault is it that our seeds have spread too far, leaving us nowhere to bloom?
Yet the dandelions grew

No more airplanes to fly, ships to sink
Stuffing my plywood swimming coffin
To ocean the railway extends
Over the sea, that’ll be where I’ll proudly be expensed

From up there, we must not look human anymore
Another stage to premier your force
On those monitors, are we just a little piece of white fluff?
Blown off on to the floor

With a white cloth on your back, you returned to me at last

Whose child was I dreaming to pierce through the unworn tip of my bayonet?
Whose life have I decided was less worthy of respect?
Whose home did I hope to reach as I tighten the screws on balloons in lead?
Whose future was lost in pursuit of mine?
Yet the dandelions ate, slept, and grew
The truth is, the world isn’t so small we need to step on each other
But I know even if it’s only the two of us
Even if we have everything, everything in our hands
Still we’d fight until our last

Prove me wrong
Prove me wrong
Prove me wrong

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