CIRRRCLE - Dance Wit U

"Dance Wit U" is the 5th track from the "Besty" ep released by CIRRRCLE. It was released on April 22, 2020.




Lyrics for Dance Wit U by CIRRRCLE.

Alright Stop
Now give me everything that you got
Keep my head so high that it's lost in the sky
when you ask me why I point up
With the birds so I see the top
I feel like a little kid again
Cuz I wake up every morning with adrenaline
Waffles with cinnamon
Whip cream and M&M'S
Stompin in Timbalands
Fist up high
Finally feel like a citizen damn

Every word you don't say don't say
Show me with your body your body
Every word you don't say don't say
Baby you can show me so show me

Baby you and I
Take another ride
Maybe dance all night
Your body never lies

Even when we fight
Take another ride
Maybe dance all night
Your body never lies

There's a lot on my mind
Even more on my tab but the vibe with the white
by the bottle in ya bag
Don't make you you make it
That's work
Then she threw that ass back now it's time to go to work

All day no breaks
We go all the way
Maybe run away from your mama's prayers
We break up and make up
I know you wanna come back ay
You ain't gonna say it
So you better let your body speak up
Speak up

(Don't say to me girl)

I wanna dance witchu (do it cuz I wanna)
Is ya man witchu (do it cuz I wanna)
Big fan of you (do it cuz I wanna)

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