Mili - Bulbel Lyrics

"Bulbel" is the 1st track from the "Bulbel" digital single released by Mili. It was released on June 22, 2021.

Bulbel / Mili


  • Title: Bulbel
  • Genre: Rock
  • Language: English
  • Country: Japan


  • Performer: Mili
  • Composer: Cassie Wei, Yamato Kasai
  • Arranger: Yamato Kasai
  • Lyricist: Cassie Wei

Lyrics for Bulbel by Mili

I'm lost in your world
Looking for a purpose that belongs to me only
May the lilies bloom for me

Do you hear the lilies speak?
The leaves kissing the bees
The soil covering up all the sorrow
All the seeds I sowed
In a garden can't be claimed by me
Do you hear the lilies speak?

I gave it my all
Isn't it supposed to be sunny now?
But my rain won't stop
My rain won't stop
The hell I saw, voices I heard
The dreams that I lost changed nothing at all
I'm still my insufferable self
Setting my hair on fire, giving you warmth
Hoping you'd realize
I want you by my side
May the lilies bloom for me

Thought I would be satisfied
Seeing you content at the other side
But somehow I thought these crazy thoughts
That I deserve to be loved
I deserve to know love
We deserve to live in love
I wish there's no end
I wish there's no end
To our time together

The lilies wilted
Waving down into my coffin
Goodbye, my youth expensed
Goodbye, my innocence
Should I be mad?
Should I be glad?
Am I enough?
How can I be enough so I'm proud of myself?
Reaching my goals
Distracting my feelings changed nothing at all
I'm still my insatiable self
Isn't it better to be dumb?
To be ignorant?
Not knowing there is liberty in this world not meant for me
May the lilies bloom for me
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