YOASOBI - Tracing A Dream

"Tracing A Dream" is the 8th track from the "Blue" EP released by YOASOBI. It was released on November 12, 2021.


  • Title: Tracing A Dream
  • Also Known As: Ano Yume wo Nazotte English ver. , あの夢をなぞって English ver.
  • Genre: Pop
  • Language: English
  • Country: Japan



Lyrics for Tracing A Dream by YOASOBI.

Fillin’ all the skies of night it soon creates a flower 
City voices are all wrapped in  by the shining light and sounds remove
World of all silence, all that was left is two alone, then echoing out, the words are
“I’m in love with you” 

You met up with me inside a dream, our future was shown 
Night of summer, you and me form silhouettes, mine right there next to you
Final of all fireworks to rise into the sky, when it fades away
That’ll be the sign for this

It’s you, an ordinary morning
It’s an ordinary  lookin’ image you got on 
All reason for me breakin’ every eye contact with you was, ah
For I have been consumed by words let out in what you’ve shown, even now
still it resumes to keep ringin’ on inside

Ah, onto where night will end, awaiting past dreamin’
To want it to arrive and find it
Foretold in a dream, and waiting until now, but is it true? 
Worries deep in my   head seem loud but I’ll keep on

Ah, and out through our present, and soon know what begins
You and me will be on our own and 
More, almost
Don’t alter what I am waiting for 
so please go on to talk about it 
I’ll be waiting right there to hear you

No one knows of this night
Nobody’s here but me and you
The scenery I’ve waited for now overlapping with our view
The present and beyond, upon the summer sky
attachin’ all within    the firework I see 
We’re in the focal place where I     had known to trace my dream with you

We're looking up into the skies above   lit up and shining bright
shed light upon your profile and ah 
So, as told, led us to the scene known and made it
So, it's two   of our   futures, to go here right now 
And overlapping real soon

Ah, you're in our night with me, just me and you, that's it 
Foretold and now we've come, arrivin'
Fine, go through, your mind will be told  Fine, go through, be understood
And the scenes beyond what's dreamt   to be reachin' 

Ah, and out through our present, and soon know what begins 
And our days are entact for we've met 
More, almost
Don't alter what I am waiting for 
Look up, final of the fireworks is now
here wrapping over two

World of no sound in the silence, you speak 
"I'm in love with you"

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