Mili - And Then is Heard No More

"And Then is Heard No More" is the 3rd track from the "To Kill a Living Book -for Library Of Ruina-" album released by Mili. It was released on October 29, 2021.




Lyrics for And Then is Heard No More by Mili.

Do the candles look forward to being used?
Enjoy bidding adieu, adieu?
Every word I have saved for you came out wrong afterwards
So I spoke no more

Would you say
That someone who had every intention to be brave was a coward?

Must be great being you
Power comes as second nature
Must feel amazing to be longed for, longed for
I opened my eyes
Cemented excuses to my lashline
So I could see no more

So which home should someone as weak as I go?
And which sky should I aim for when I’ve only been low?
(I have only been low)
Day and night your ghosts continue to haunt me
Tell me who to be

If I went with you, will there be happily-ever-afters?
Sipping on tea I steeped together, together
Read me a story of a hero born knowing the all
(Read me a book of me)
So I could hear no more

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