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Park Bo Gum

ALL MY LOVE (English Ver.) / Park Bo Gum

  • Title: ALL MY LOVE (English Ver.)
  • Composer: 샘김(Sam Kim)
  • Arranger: 샘김(Sam Kim), 제휘(JeHwi)
  • Lyricist: 샘김(Sam Kim)

"ALL MY LOVE (English Ver.) " is the 1st track from the "ALL MY LOVE" single released by Park Bo Gum. It was released on August 10, 2020.

"ALL MY LOVE (English Ver.)" Lyrics

Through this quite night
Soft, from miles away
Can you hear me call your name
Upon a star, I wish you'll dream tonight

When you feel all alone
Listen close I'm always there
A voice away

Fairy tales and wishing wells, I'll trust just today
To the skies, I'll pray tonight that you're doing okay

Through the night
Oh I wish for your love
And that smile that you have to remain

I give all my love to you

Tell me how you feel today, and may I
Hold you when you fall
Little by little I'll say
All of my secrets away
Though it may not be today
It's you, I wanna tell

So darling hold my hand and follow
stay by my side
Though we don’t know which way to go, I
Know we’ll be alright

All my life
I will wish for your love
and forever your smile to remain

I give all my love to you.

(Say, say that you love me today)
(Don't tell me goodbye, won’t you stay)

I'll be the reason you love
And the reason you smile today
I give all my love to you

I give all my love to you

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