Natsurenbo / kobasolo feat. Harutya (MV)

Summer Love
Performed bykobasolo, Harutya
Composed bykobasolo
Arranged bykobasolo
Lyrics bykobasolo

"Natsurenbo" is the 1st track from the Natsurenbo digital single released by kobasolo, Harutya. It was released on December 25, 2018.


Harutya (春茶), pronounced as Harucha, is an utaite with a soft sweet voice, complimentary to her screen name (which translates to "spring tea")....


kobasolo (コバソロ) is a solo project by Koba (Makoto Kobayashi). Besides singer-songwriters, he also acts as a record producer after providing music to major artists. He gives acoustic performances of both cover songs and originals....

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