Yumewazurai no Birdman / H△G

"Yumewazurai no Birdman" is the 6th track from the Ao Iro Film album released by H△G. It was released on February 14, 2018.


TitleYumewazurai no Birdman
Performed byH△G
Composed byYamato Kasai
Arranged byYamato Kasai
Lyrics byYamato Kasai


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Yumewazurai no Birdman Romaji Lyrics

mienai ashimoto kuragari ayunde
tomoshita kantera oki kage ga shimeshita

hikari moreru tobira no saki egaite
sawagu kodou ni hirunda watashi wa tachitsukushite

Hah Hah tomosu
La La kiseki
Hah Hah yume to
La La

hikari moreru tobira no saki nozoite
fuku no suso de fuan wo fukitori

haeta bakari no tsubasa nadamete
tobira wo hiraita

Lata Hah Lata Talala
Lata Hah Lata Talah

aoi sora ni tsubasa hiroge tobitatsu
fukaku fukaku iki wo suikomi

kaze wo saite doko made mo tonde
yume no kanata made

ゆめわずらいのバードマン 歌詞

見えない足もと 暗がり歩んで
灯したカンテラ置き 影が示した


Hah Hah 灯す
La La 軌跡
Hah Hah 夢と
La La



Lata Hah Lata Talala
Lata Hah Lata Talah

蒼い空に翼広げ 飛び立つ

風を裂いて 何処までも飛んで

H△G (ハグ) is a japanese music group formed in Okazaky, Aichi Prefecture in 2012. It is a group of creators based on the concept of "expressing conflicts" in youth, "chest pain" and its "blueness" with words, sounds and designs. It consists of vocal Chiho, a sound composer team, a musician team, a recording engineer team, and a designer team. M...

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