YOUTH (feat. ÜJEAN) / syndasizung

YOUTH (feat. ÜJEAN) / syndasizung Album Cover
  • Title: YOUTH (feat. ÜJEAN)
  • Country: Korea
  • Performer: ÜJEAN
  • Composer: UJEAN(우진), 신다사이정(syndasizung)
  • Arranger: 신다사이정(syndasizung)
  • Lyricist: UJEAN(우진)

"YOUTH (feat. ÜJEAN)" Lyrics

I’m holding your hand 
We are standing under the light
You think we’re connected, 
though this chance
but I’m not sure we’re match
Keep doing what I want the best baby
If you are late I’m gonna move over
I ain’t yours yet, i don’t care your mood

Keep doing what I want
I like the way you look at me

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