Pristine / The Foobars

Pristine / The Foobars Album Cover
  • Title: Pristine
  • Country: Japan
  • Performer: The Foobars
  • Composer: The Foobars
  • Arranger: N/A
  • Lyricist: KEITA

Pristine is the 2nd track from the Pristine extended play (ep) released by The Foobars. It was released on March 25, 2020.

"Pristine" Lyrics

I was caught up in your mind
When I was young than
Your story show the truth
for me, and I stay up all night

To think,
To start,
Find the place to be I want,
To shame,
And to hurt
These are way to be the one

I wonder why, to keep pristine
My state of mind, don't be like them
I'll stick around, to find inside of your love
I wanna cry with you again

No wonder why, to keep pristine
It's time to decide, I'll keep my mind
I'll stick around, to fall inside of your heart

I was caught up in your mind
and I was start my life again

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