ReoNa (レオナ) or sometimes known Kanzaki Elza starring ReoNa is a Japanese female pop singer under the label SACRA MUSIC. Reona was born in Tokyo on October 20, 1998. She became interested in becoming a cosplayer during her elementary school years, as she had been recommended to become one by a classmate. Her interest in cosplay was boosted after ordering a costume of the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. She became active as a cosplayer while in junior high school, and went under the names Reopeko (れおぺこ) and ReoNa* while attending events such as Comiket 91 in 2016. She had also dreamed of becoming a singer for anime, and had released covers of songs on YouTube.


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[2018.06.04] ELZAJanuary 23, 2019
[2018.08.29] SWEET HURTJanuary 13, 2019
[2019.02.06] forget-me-notJanuary 13, 2019
[2019.06.26] PrologueJune 27, 2019
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