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Mili is an indies international music producing group consisting of momocashew, Yamato Kasai, Yukihito Mitomo, Shoto Yoshida, Ame Yamaguchi, and Ao Fujimori. Mili covers Electronic Classical, contemporary Classical, and Post-Classical genre to their music and is not limited to songs in Japanese, but also in English and Chinese.

Mili Discography

Currently there are 5 albums, 1 mini album, 1 single and 4 digital singles by Mili.


[2013.09.18] H△G×Mili
[2014.10.11] Mag Mell
[2015.01.28] H△G×Mili vol.2
[2016.10.12] Miracle Milk
[2018.04.25] Millennium Mother

Mini Albums

[2017.05.24] Hue


[2018.12.05] Rightfully

Digital Singles

[2018.12.23] Within
[2019.01.24] Victim
[2019.07.26] Birthday Kid
[2019.09.06] Sloth