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Kei Takebuchi (竹渕慶) is a Japanese female singer and songwriter. Born in 1991, raised in Los Angeles USA. The natural-born singer is described as "singing from the minute of birth" by her mother. After being a member of the singer-songwriter group Goose house for 8 years, restarts as a solo artist in November 2018.

Mini Albums

[2013.09.23] Maika ~my flower~
[2014.03.05] KEI's 8

Digital Singles

[2019.07.12] In This Blanket
[2019.12.25] Torch
Arigatou ありがとう
Blue Love Song ブルーラブソング
cotton snow
Dorothy ドロシー
Gomen ne Nante Iwanai ごめんねなんて言わない
In This Blanket (Japanese Wedding Version)
In This Blanket
Maika ~my flower~ 舞花~my flower~
my valentine ~opening~
Sharin no Uta 車輪の唄

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