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Name: H△G
Also Known As: ハグ , HAG
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H△G (ハグ) is a japanese music group formed in Okazaky, Aichi Prefecture in 2012. It is a group of creators based on the concept of "expressing conflicts" in youth, "chest pain" and its "blueness" with words, sounds and designs. It consists of vocal Chiho, a sound composer team, a musician team, a recording engineer team, and a designer team. Major debut from Tokuma Japan Communications on July 26, 2017.

Currently there are 9 albums, 1 mini album, 2 singles, 8 digital singles and 64 songs with lyrics of H△G in our database.


[2013.09.18] H△G×Mili
[2015.01.28] H△G×Mili vol.2
[2015.12.25] Everlasting Night of Teenage Girls
[2016.10.28] A Place in the Sun
[2016.12.21] H△G X ORESAMA
[2017.05.10] Koe ~VOCALOID Cover Album~
[2018.02.14] Ao Iro Film
[2019.06.26] H△G x Hello Montesquieu
[2020.03.25] Mabataki mo Sezu ni

Mini Albums

[2014.03.14] F Bun no 1 Yuragi


[2017.07.26] Natsu no Arika
[2017.11.22] Itazura na Kiss to Love Song.

Digital Singles

[2019.03.27] Sakura Shooting Star
[2019.04.24] Diary of Stars
[2019.05.15] Motto Motto Tooku e
[2019.08.28] Yoimachi Hanabi
[2019.09.18] Natsu no Maboroshi
[2019.10.30] Ao Yori Aoshi
[2019.12.11] Akai Kami no Shoujo
[2020.01.15] Mabataki mo Sezu ni