NCT #127 Regulate / NCT 127

NCT #127 Regulate / NCT 127 Album Cover
  • Title: NCT #127 Regulate
  • Release Date: November 23, 2018
  • Country: Korea
  • Performer: NCT 127
  • Composer: 250, Albin Nordqvist, Andreas Öberg, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Bobii Lewis, Clarence Coffee Jr, Dillon Pace, Donald 'haZEL' Sales, Double Dragon, Francesco Yates, George Kranz, Gustav Karlstrom, Hitchhiker, J. Roston, Jenna Andrews, Jeremy Reeves, Johan Gustafsson, Jonathan Yip, LDN Noise, Micah Powell, Michael Jiminez, Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, MZMC, Onestar(MonoTree), Ray McCullough, Ray Romulus, Ronny Svendsen, Rory Wynne Andrew, Simon Petren, Tay Jasper, Varren Wade, Wilbart ‘Vedo’ McCoy III, 김경민, 김동현, 디즈(Deez), 라디 (Ra.D), 브라더수(BrotherSu), 에스나(eSNa), 유영진, 최진석, 태용 (Taeyong)
  • Arranger: 250, DeCapo Music Group, Dillon Pace, Double Dragon, Hitchhiker, Johan Gustafsson, LDN Noise, Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, MZMC, Ronny Svendsen, Simon Petren, The Stereotypes, 유영진, 최진석
  • Lyricist: DADA (makeumine works), Double Dragon, Tommy $trate, Wilbart 'Vedo' McCoy III, Zaya, 강은정, 김동현, 김민석, 김민지, 라디 (Ra.D), 류다솜(Jam Factory), 마크 (MARK), 문서울, 방혜현, 봉은영, 브라더수(BrotherSu), 서지음, 솔희(SOHLHEE), 온결, 제이큐(JQ), 쿠기(Coogie), 태용 (Taeyong), 황유빈, 황현(MonoTree)

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