Natsu no Arika / H△G Album Cover

Natsu no Arika夏の在りか


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"Natsu no Arika" is the 1st single released by H△G. It was released on July 26, 2017.

Natsu no Arika / H△G


1Natsu no Arika
2Hoshi no Pamphlet
3Souvenir no Hanataba
4secret base ~君がくれたもの~secret base ~Kimi ga Kuretamono~



H△G (ハグ) is a japanese music group formed in Okazaky, Aichi Prefecture in 2012. It is a group of creators based on the concept of "expressing conflicts" in youth, "chest pain" and its "blueness" with words, sounds and designs. It consists of vocal Chiho, a sound composer team, a musician team,...


Title: 夏の在りか
Also Known As: Natsu no Arika
Release Date: July 26, 2017
Contributing Artists: H△G
Composer, Arranger, Lyricist: N/A

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