Release DateDecember 21, 2016
Performed byH△G, ORESAMA
Composed byN/A
Arranged byN/A
Lyrics byN/A


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1銀河鉄道の夜を越えてGinga Tetsudo no Yoru wo Koete
2東京夜想曲Tokyo Yaso Kyoku
3オオカミハートOokami Heart
4綺麗なものばかりKirei na Mono Bakari
5Dreamin' Pops
6少女たちの終わらない夜Shojotachi no Owaranai Yoru

H△G (ハグ) is a japanese music group formed in Okazaky, Aichi Prefecture in 2012. It is a group of creators based on the concept of "expressing conflicts" in youth, "chest pain" and its "blueness" with words, sounds and designs. It consists of vocal Chiho, a sound composer team, a musician team, a recording engineer team, and a designer team. M...


ORESAMA (オーレサマー) is japanese music duo, consisting of vocalist Pon and track maker Hideya Kojima. They are inspired by culture elements from the late 80’s early 90’s Japanese Bubble economy era, such as romantic-comedy and disco boom and infuse them to their electro and funk music. As a result, Oresama makes dance music with a mixtu...

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