• Name: YooA
  • Also Known As: 유연주 , Yoo Shi Ah , 유아 , Yoo Yeon Joo , 유시아
  • Official Links: Instagram · iTunes · Spotify

YooA is a South Korean singer. She is a member of the South Korean girl group OH MY GIRL.

All Song Releases

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Title: Stay With Me
Also Known As: 구미호뎐 OST Part.7 , Tale of the Nine Tailed OST Part.7
Performer: YooA
Composer: 디너코트(Dinner Coat)
Arranger: 디너코트(Dinner Coat), 송현종, 심진, 유정현
Lyricist: 디너코트(Dinner Coat)
Title: End Of Story
Performer: YooA
Composer: Mayu Wakisaka, 이주형(MonoTree)
Arranger: 이주형(MonoTree)
Lyricist: 서지음
Title: Abracadabra
Also Known As: 자각몽 , Jagakmong
Performer: YooA
Composer: Grace Gachotsaka, Jon Hallgren, Lukas Hällgren, Maria Broberg, Ryan S.Jhun
Arranger: Jon Hallgren, Lukas Hällgren, Ryan S.Jhun
Lyricist: 서정아
Title: Diver
Performer: YooA
Composer: Adam Kapit, Anesha Birchett, Antea Shelton, Fredrik 'Fredro' Odesjo
Arranger: Adam Kapit
Lyricist: 서정아
Title: Far
Also Known As: 날 찾아서 , Nal Chajaseo
Performer: YooA
Composer: Dennis DeKo Kordnejad, Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari, Kavin KMan Mansoor, Martina Ahlmark, Ryan S.Jhun
Arranger: DeKo, Hitmanic, Kman, Ryan S.Jhun
Lyricist: 서지음
Title: Bon Voyage
Performer: YooA
Composer: Afshin Salmani, Josephina Carr, Josh Cumbee, Ryan S.Jhun, Shari Short
Arranger: AFSHeeN, Josh Cumbee), Ryan S.Jhun
Lyricist: 서지음

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