• Name: Wheein
  • Also Known As: 정휘인 , Jung Whee In , 휘인
  • Labels:
  • Official Links: Instagram

Wheein is a South Korean singer and songwriter signed under RBW. She is best known as a member and vocalist of South Korean girl group MAMAMOO.

All Song Releases

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Title: Diet (feat. Wheein of MAMAMOO)
Performer: Peakboy, Wheein
Composer: 김홍일, 도니제이(Donnie J), 픽보이 (Peakboy)
Aarranger: 김홍일, 픽보이 (Peakboy)
Lyricist: 픽보이 (Peakboy)
Title: 25 (Solo Wheein)
Performer: MAMAMOO, Wheein
Composer: 박우상
Aarranger: 박우상
Lyricist: 박우상, 휘인(Whee In)
Title: Da Ra Da (Wheein, Jeff Bernat, B.O.)
Also Known As: 다라다 (Wheein, Jeff Bernat, B.O.) , Darada (Wheein, Jeff Bernat, B.O.)
Performer: B.O., Jeff Bernat, MAMAMOO, Wheein
Composer: 비오(B.O.), 파이어뱃(RBW)
Aarranger: 파이어뱃(RBW)
Lyricist: 비오(B.O.)
Title: Angel (Solar & Wheein)
Performer: MAMAMOO, Solar, Wheein
Composer: 박우상
Aarranger: 박우상
Lyricist: 박우상
Title: Ex Girl (feat. Wheein Of Mamamoo)
Performer: Monsta X, Wheein
Composer: ESBEE, 리시
Aarranger: ESBEE, 리시
Lyricist: ESBEE, 리시, 아이엠, 주헌

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