WEi is a six-member South Korean boy group under OUI Entertainment. The group consists of members: Jang Daehyeon, Kim Donghan, Yoo Yongha, Kim Yohan, Kang Seokhwa, and Kim Junseo.

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Title: Diffuser
Performer: WEi
Composer: OUOW, 우재
Arranger: OUOW, 우재
Lyricist: OUOW, 김준서
Title: Dancing In The Dark
Performer: WEi
Composer: Alive Knob, SEAN OH, YOSKE
Arranger: Alive Knob, SEAN OH, YOSKE
Lyricist: Alive Knob, YOSKE
Title: Breathing
Performer: WEi
Composer: Moon Kim, STAINBOYS, 김수윤
Lyricist: 김수윤
Title: All Or Nothing
Also Known As: 모 아님 도 , Mo Anim Do
Performer: WEi
Composer: Maynine, RYVNG(Stupid Squad), 장대현
Arranger: Maynine, RYVNG(Stupid Squad), 장대현
Lyricist: Maynine, RYVNG(Stupid Squad), 강석화, 김동한, 장대현
Title: Fuze
Also Known As: 도화선 , Dohwaseon
Performer: WEi
Composer: RYVNG(Stupid Squad), 메이나인(Maynine), 장대현
Arranger: RYVNG(Stupid Squad), 메이나인(Maynine), 장대현
Lyricist: RYVNG(Stupid Squad), 강석화, 메이나인(Maynine), 장대현
Title: Hug You
Also Known As: 안고 싶어 , Ango Sipeo
Performer: WEi
Composer: VENDORS
Arranger: VENDORS
Lyricist: VENDORS, 김동한, 김준서, 장대현
Also Known As: 꼬리별 , Kkoribyeol
Performer: WEi
Composer: OUOW
Arranger: OUOW
Lyricist: OUOW, 유용하, 장대현
Performer: WEi
Composer: Puff, Young Chance, 권덕근
Arranger: Puff, 권덕근
Lyricist: 김요한, 장대현, 조유리(Jam Factory)
Performer: WEi
Composer: Flow Blow, 후이(펜타곤)
Arranger: Flow Blow
Lyricist: Flow Blow, 장대현, 후이(펜타곤)

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