• Name: Walküre
  • Also Known As: ワルキューレ
  • Official Links: Website

Walküre (ワルキューレ) is a tactical sound unit featured in the Macross Δ anime series and its theatrical adaptation, Macross Δ Movie: Passionate Walküre. It consists of Freyja Wion (Suzuki Minori), Mikumo Guynemer (acting: Ami Koshimizu, singing: JUNNA), Kaname Buccaneer (Kiyono Yasuno), Makina Nakajima (Nozomi Nishida), Reina Prowler (Nao Toyama).

All Song Releases

Currently there are 2 songs tie-in with Walküre. Type the song title into the Search box and a list of song with matching titles will be returned.
Title: Mirai wa Onna no Tame ni Aru
Also Known As: 未来はオンナのためにある
Performer: Walküre
Composer: Dai Saitou
Arranger: Yusuke Shirato
Lyricist: Yuho Iwasato
Title: Rune ni Hanasaku Koi mo Aru
Also Known As: ルンに花咲く恋もある
Performer: Walküre
Composer: Minoru Komorita
Arranger: Minoru Komorita
Lyricist: Naoki Nishi

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