• Name: Solar
  • Also Known As: 김용선 , Kim Yong Sun , 솔라
  • Labels:
  • Official Links: Youtube

Solar is a South Korean singer and songwriter. She is the leader of girl group MAMAMOO.

All Song Releases

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Title: HELLO (Solo Solar)
Performer: MAMAMOO, Solar
Composer: 솔라(마마무)
Aarranger: 김도훈(RBW), 밍키
Lyricist: 솔라(마마무)
Title: Angel (Solar & Wheein)
Performer: MAMAMOO, Solar, Wheein
Composer: 박우상
Aarranger: 박우상
Lyricist: 박우상
Title: Spit it out
Also Known As: 뱉어 , Baeteo
Performer: Solar
Composer: 김도훈(RBW), 솔라
Aarranger: 김도훈(RBW)
Lyricist: 김도훈(RBW), 솔라
Title: A song from the past
Also Known As: 이 노랜 꽤 오래된 거야 , I Noraen Kkwae Oraedoen Geoya
Performer: Kassy, Solar
Composer: 조영수
Aarranger: 조영수, 한길
Lyricist: Kassy, Solar
Title: LEOPARD (feat. Solar of Mamamoo)
Performer: RAVI, Solar
Composer: Cosmic Boy, 라비 (RAVI), 솔라(마마무), 이두원(D_One)
Aarranger: Cosmic Boy, 이두원(D_One)
Lyricist: 라비 (RAVI), 솔라(마마무)

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