Saiki Atsumi

Saiki Atsumi (厚見彩姫) is the lead vocalist of BAND-MAID. With a cool and badass demeanour, she usually sports an entirely black maid uniform with a blue rose in her hair – She may look like a maid but she won’t give you a maid greeting and she certainly doesn’t have a Maid ‘charm point’. Links: Twitter, Instagram

decided by myself / BAND-MAID
Saturday, 28th December 2019
Take me higher!! / BAND-MAID
Tuesday, 24th December 2019
Sunday, 15th December 2019
Don’t you tell ME / BAND-MAID
Friday, 13th December 2019
alone / BAND-MAID
Thursday, 12th December 2019
matchless GUM / BAND-MAID
Monday, 21st October 2019
Daydreaming / BAND-MAID
Thursday, 17th October 2019
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