PENTAGON is a nine-member South Korean boy group under Cube Entertainment. The group consists of members: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok.

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Title: Honey Drop
Also Known As: 리플레이 OST Part.1 , Replay OST Part.1
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: Moonkim, 박슬기, 박재형
Arranger: 박슬기, 박재형
Lyricist: Moonkim, 우석(펜타곤)
Title: Eternal Flame
Also Known As: 불꽃 , Bulkkot
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: 네이슨 (NATHAN), 키노
Arranger: 네이슨 (NATHAN)
Lyricist: 우석, 유니버스, 유토, 키노
Title: Paradise
Also Known As: 별이 빛나는 이 밤 , Byeori Biccnaneun I Bam
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: MosPick, 키노
Arranger: MosPick
Lyricist: 우석(펜타곤), 키노
Title: You Like
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: Minit, 우석(펜타곤), 후이(펜타곤)
Arranger: Minit
Lyricist: 우석(펜타곤), 후이(펜타곤)
Title: Nostalgia
Also Known As: 그해 그달 그날 , Geuhae Geudal Geunal
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: MosPick, 우석(펜타곤)
Arranger: MosPick
Lyricist: 우석(펜타곤)
Title: Beautiful Goodbye
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: HoHo, 네이슨(NATHAN), 키노
Arranger: HoHo, 네이슨(NATHAN)
Lyricist: 우석(펜타곤), 키노
Title: Daisy
Also Known As: 데이지 , Deiji
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: 네이슨(NATHAN), 우석(펜타곤), 후이(펜타곤)
Arranger: Yunji, 네이슨(NATHAN)
Lyricist: 우석(펜타곤), 후이(펜타곤)
Title: I'm loving you (Korean Ver.) (feat. Pentagon)
Composer: TAKURO
Arranger: GLAY, Seiji Kameda
Lyricist: TAKURO, 우석(펜타곤), 진호(펜타곤)
Title: Round 2
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: MosPick, 신원, 여원, 옌안, 우석, 유토, 진호, 키노, 홍석, 후이
Arranger: MosPick
Lyricist: 신원, 여원, 옌안, 우석, 유토, 진호, 키노, 홍석, 후이
Title: Summer!
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: Albin Nordqvist, Andreas Öberg
Arranger: Albin Nordqvist, Andreas Öberg
Lyricist: 우석, 진호
Title: Fantasystic
Also Known As: 판타지스틱
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: 우석, 후이
Arranger: Minit, 기리보이
Lyricist: Minit, 기리보이, 후이
Title: Humph!
Also Known As: 접근금지
Performer: PENTAGON
Composer: 기리보이, 후이(펜타곤)
Arranger: 기리보이
Lyricist: 기리보이, 우석(펜타곤), 후이(펜타곤)

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