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NiziU (虹U) is a nine-member Japanese girl group under JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. It consists of Ayaka, Rio, Mayuka, Riku, Mako, Miihi, Nina, Maya, and Rima.

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Title: Make you happy
Performer: NiziU
Composer: 박진영, 이해솔
Aarranger: 박진영, 이해솔
Lyricist: Yuka Matsumoto, 박진영
Title: Baby I’m a star
Performer: NiziU
Composer: 박진영
Aarranger: 박진영, 이해솔
Lyricist: Yui Kimura, 박진영
Title: Boom Boom Boom
Performer: NiziU
Aarranger: Ryuja
Lyricist: KM-MARKIT
Title: Beyond the Rainbow
Also Known As: 虹の向こうへ
Performer: NiziU
Composer: Jjean, Justin Reinstein, 이우민 ‘Collapsedone’
Aarranger: Jjean, Justin Reinstein, 이우민 ‘Collapsedone’
Lyricist: Hikari Mizuki, Yuka Matsumoto

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