miwa is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan. She made her major debut in 2010 with the release of her single "don't cry anymore", which was used as the theme song for the drama "Don't Cry Anymore".

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Title: DAITAN!
Performer: miwa
Composer: jam (Hiroshi Yamada), miwa, NAOKI-T
Aarranger: NAOKI-T
Lyricist: jam (Hiroshi Yamada), miwa, NAOKI-T
Title: Who I Am
Performer: miwa
Composer: her0ism, miwa, Tova Litvin
Lyricist: her0ism, miwa, Tova Litvin
Title: Look At Me Now
Performer: miwa
Composer: Avena Savage, miwa, Ryosuke
Lyricist: Avena Savage, miwa, Ryosuke
Title: Storyteller
Performer: miwa
Composer: miwa
Lyricist: miwa
Title: Teenage Dream
Also Known As: ティーンエイジドリーム
Performer: miwa
Composer: Katsuhiko Sugiyama, miwa
Aarranger: NAOKI-T
Lyricist: Katsuhiko Sugiyama, miwa

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