Miku Ito

Miku Ito

Miku Ito (伊藤美来) is a Japanese voice actress and singer managed by Style Cube. She is a former member of the unit StylipS and current member of Pyxis, and lead vocalist of Hello, Happy World!

All Song Releases

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Title: Sweet Bitter Sweet Days
Performer: Miku Ito
Composer: Ruka Kawada
Aarranger: Ruka Kawada
Lyricist: Shoko Omori
Title: Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark
Also Known As: 孤高の光 Lonely dark
Performer: Miku Ito
Composer: Koji Mase
Aarranger: Takeharu Nakahata
Lyricist: Eiko Kyo
Title: Shiny Happy Days
Performer: Iori Saeki, Marin Mizutani, Miku Ito, NEKOPARA, Shiori Izawa, Yuki Yagi
Composer: Yuki Hirose
Aarranger: KushitaMine
Lyricist: Shiori Yoshida
Title: hello new pink
Performer: Miku Ito
Composer: Yui Nishio
Aarranger: Kouji Mizuguchi
Lyricist: Yui Nishio
Title: Plunderer
Performer: Miku Ito
Composer: Takuya Ohata
Aarranger: Yuki Kishida
Lyricist: Eiko Kyo

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