Maaya Uchida

Maaya Uchida

Maaya Uchida (内田真礼) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer affiliated with I'm Enterprise. She made her debut in 2014 with the release of her debut single "Soushou Innocence", which was used as the opening theme to the anime series "Akuma no Riddle".

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Title: Itsuka Kumo ga Hareta Nara
Also Known As: いつか雲が晴れたなら
Performer: Maaya Uchida
Composer: kz (livetune)
Arranger: TAKU INOUE
Lyricist: kz (livetune)
Title: Heartbeat City
Also Known As: ハートビートシティ
Performer: Maaya Uchida
Composer: TAKU INOUE
Arranger: kz (livetune)
Lyricist: TAKU INOUE
Title: BABY!
Performer: Maaya Uchida, Sora Amamiya
Composer: Yuho Kitazawa
Arranger: Yuichi Murata
Lyricist: Yuho Kitazawa
Title: Fukashigi no Carte
Also Known As: 不可思議のカルテ , Fukashigi no Karte
Performer: Asami Seto, Atsumi Tanezaki, Inori Minase, Maaya Uchida, Nao Toyama, Yurika Kubo
Composer: Hidehiro Kawai
Arranger: Hidehiro Kawai
Lyricist: Ameko Kodama
Title: Takanari no Solfege
Also Known As: 高鳴りのソルフェージュ
Performer: Maaya Uchida
Composer: y0c1e
Arranger: R·O·N
Lyricist: Saori Codama
Title: Soushou Innocence
Also Known As: 創傷イノセンス
Performer: Maaya Uchida
Composer: R·O·N
Arranger: R·O·N
Lyricist: Chiaki Ishikawa
Title: youthful beautiful
Performer: Maaya Uchida
Composer: RIRIKO
Arranger: RIRIKO, Yusuke Shirato
Lyricist: RIRIKO
Title: Love for All Stars
Performer: Maaya Uchida
Composer: Sho Watanabe
Lyricist: Sho Watanabe
Title: No Scenario
Also Known As: ノーシナリオ
Performer: Maaya Uchida
Composer: ZAQ
Lyricist: ZAQ

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