Lee Young Ji

Lee Young Ji

  • Name: Lee Young Ji
  • Also Known As: 이영지
  • Official Links: Instagram

Lee Young Ji is a South Korean rapper under Mainstream.

All Song Releases

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Title: Compromise
Also Known As: 타협 , Tahyeop
Performer: Lee Young Ji
Composer: AVERZI, 이영지
Arranger: AVERZI
Lyricist: 이영지
Title: NUNA right here (feat. Lee Young Ji)
Also Known As: 누나와따 (feat. Lee Young Ji) , Nunawatta (feat. Lee Young Ji)
Performer: Lee Young Ji, Queen WA$ABII
Composer: airair, Minit, Queen WA$ABII(퀸 와사비)
Arranger: airair, Minit
Lyricist: Queen WA$ABII(퀸 와사비), 이영지
Title: Party (feat. Lee Young Ji)
Performer: Lee Young Ji, LuVan
Composer: Mantra
Arranger: Mantra
Lyricist: LuVan, 이영지
Title: Dark Room
Also Known As: 암실 , Amsil
Performer: Lee Young Ji
Composer: I filled, 이영지
Arranger: 7inScale, MoZ, 오세준, 이현수
Lyricist: 이영지
Title: I`m the ONE
Performer: Lee Young Ji, Loopy, nafla, PLUMA
Composer: dress, Kriz, No2zcat
Arranger: dress, no2zcat
Lyricist: Kriz, PLUMA, 나플라(nafla), 루피(Loopy), 이영지

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