Kyuhyun is a South Korean singer, musical theatre actor and television host under Label SJ a subsidiary company of SM entertainment.

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Title: Daystar
Also Known As: 내 마음을 누르는 일 , Nae Maeumeul Nureuneun Il
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: 1601
Aarranger: 1601
Lyricist: 1601, 서지음
Title: If You
Also Known As: 최고의 한방 OST Part.6 , Hit the Top OST Part.6
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: 이승주
Aarranger: 이라음, 이승주
Lyricist: 지훈
Title: Till I reach your star
Also Known As: 너의 별에 닿을 때까지 , Neoui Byeore Daheul Ttaekkaji , 호구의 사랑 OST Part.4 , Ho-Gu's Love OST Part.4
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: 윤영준
Aarranger: 윤영준
Lyricist: 윤영준
Title: The Moment My Heart (She is My Type♡ X KYUHYUN)
Also Known As: 내 마음이 움찔했던 순간 (She is My Type♡ X KYUHYUN) , Nae Maeumi Umjjilhaessdeon Sungan (She is My Type♡ X KYUHYUN)
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: 이기환
Aarranger: 이기환
Lyricist: 이기환
Title: Dreaming
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: 홍석민
Aarranger: 홍석민
Lyricist: 홍석민
Title: Confession Is Not Flashy
Also Known As: 화려하지 않은 고백 , Hwaryeohaji Anheun Gobaek , 슬기로운 의사생활 OST Part.4 , Hospital Playlist OST Part.4
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: 오태호
Aarranger: 박근철, 정수민
Lyricist: 오태호
Title: All Day Long
Also Known As: 하루종일 , Harujongil , 날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요 OST Part.3 , When the Weather Is Fine OST Part.3
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: CLEF CREW, FEB, kz, Who's H, 정수민
Aarranger: kz, Who's H, 정수민
Lyricist: Banana, CLEF CREW, FEB, kz, March, Who's H, 정수민
Title: Pat Pat
Also Known As: 쓰담쓰담
Performer: Kyuhyun, Mino, P.O
Composer: AiRPLAY, Mino (송민호), P.O (블락비)
Aarranger: AiRPLAY, Mino (송민호)
Lyricist: Mino (송민호), P.O (블락비)
Title: Time with you
Also Known As: 그게 좋은거야 , geuge joeungeoya
Performer: Kyuhyun
Composer: Ecobridge, MHL, 진효정
Aarranger: Ecobridge, MHL
Lyricist: 진효정

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